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Teaching a child to be considerate, mindful, and polite is our job as parents

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Teaching a child to be considerate, mindful, and polite is our job. Let’s not leave it up to teachers, grandparents, or babysitters, because teaching our kids how to behave and communicate is something that should come from us. We, as parents, are our kids’ first and most important role models.

My nephew is a little over 2 years old and he took me back to the time when my daughters were in those, for me, impossible years. That’s the period when they begin talking and start asking, for what they want. …

Today more than ever before, empathy is important!

Illustration by Unique You Books

For me, there’s no doubt about it. Always share! Toys, snacks, homework, hugs, help, advice. There’s nothing better than teaching our kids to be generous.

Ultimately, the more they give, the more they’ll receive. I know that this isn’t always the case in life. However, today more than ever before, empathy is important! Values like kindness, graciousness, selflessness, decency, love for others — are important! Because in these crazy times they’ve been pushed aside a bit.

And yet, we as parents should set boundaries. Kids can share with whomever they want and however much they want, but only the things…

The good news — fears come and go. And they’re all manageable.

Illustration by Unique You Books

I don’t really know how to write about this, but I’ll give it a try. How do you help your child face their fears when you yourself are afraid of just about everything — heights, airplanes, the dark, bugs, doctors, etc.? You name it, I’m afraid of it. Some of my fears are innate, others developed over time, and some emerged after I had children.

I came to understand that caution is desirable, but that we must not let fear take over our lives. If we’re afraid of planes, it doesn’t mean we won’t fly because we have to arrive…

How art can broaden our kids’ horizons

Illustration by Unique You Books

I clearly remember that during my pregnancy, when I already knew I was carrying two girls, I had two wishes (apart from the universal wish all parents have - that their children are healthy and strong).

The first was that at least one of them had blue eyes like me, and the other that they both like to read. Well, we know that not all wishes come true in real life (but hey, you’re allowed to have silly wishes during pregnancy). Neither of them have blue eyes. As for the latter, my wish came true.

I truly believe that reading…

Why it’s important to give children the freedom and space to be themselves

Illustration by Unique You Books

A little more than a few years ago I gave birth to twin girls. After the first inevitable question: are they alive and well, the next, thing your family and friends will ask (and if you’re honest, it’s a question you’ll ask yourself as well) is — who does your child look like?

Your side will say: “the baby looks exactly like you”, while your partner’s will obviously point out: “the baby’s the spitting image of their Dad”. But it won’t stop there. …

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